Conference Program 2021

Afternoon Session on Tuesday, 7 September 2021
13:45     Welcome by Claus-Michael Lehr and Rolf Müller, Helmholtz-Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland/HIPS, DEU
invited speakers (15 min talk, 5 min discussion)
PAxS patches: adaptive patches for transdermal applications and other dynamic organs
* * * Guest Speaker of the Galenus Foundation * * *
contributed talks (10 min talk, 5 min discussion)
15:00     Jonas Schlauersbach, University of Würzburg, DEU
Leveraging bile solubilization of poorly water-soluble drugs by rational polymer section
15:15     N.N.
15:30     Ayat Abdelkader, Philipps-Univerity Marburg, DEU
Smartfilms and paper tablets loaded with rutin: effect of granulation on the crystallinity behaviour

15:45    Danai Anastasia Panou, University of Copenhagen, DNK
Mode of action of excipients investigated for oral peptide delivery: Examples that modulate tight junctions and cytoskeleton

16:00     coffee break with videos
invited speakers (15 min talk, 5 min discussion)
Pulmonary siRNA delivery against SARS-CoV-2
3D printing in Drug Delivery: Approaches and Applications
Engineered bio-inks for 3D bioprinting: opportunities and challenges for tissue engineering and advanced cell models
contributed talks (10 min talk, 5 min discussion)
17:30     Christopher Ruben, University of Iowa, USA
Limiting Protein Corona Formation on Nanoparticles with Pathogen-inspired, Zwitterionic Polymer Coatings
17:45     Changzhi Shi, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, CHN
In-vitro, In-vivo and In-silico Evaluation of Ciprofloxacin Loaded PLGA Microspheres for Sustained Pulmonary Delivery of Antibioics
18:00     Olga Canadas, Complutense University of Madrid, ESP
Polyhydroxyalkanoate nanoparticles and the pulmonary surfactant barrier
18:15     Agnes Weiss, Saarland University, DEU
Soft hydrogel nanoparticles: Influences of preparation parameters and loading on the mechanical properties
18:30 – 19:30     Virtual Cocktail Reception with break-out rooms
Morning Session on Wednesday, 8 September 2021
8:30     waiting room opens
invited speakers (15 min talk, 5 min discussion)
Overcoming ocular drug delivery barriers
9:40     Prajakta Dandekar Jain  and
Matrix-free, 3D spheroid-based mono- and co-cultures as pre-clinical tools
contributed talks (10 min talk, 5 min discussion)
10:00     Rita S. Santos, University of Porto, PRT
Oligonucleotides against bacterial infections: the Delivery Vector’s choice
10:15     N.N.
10:30     N.N.
10:45     Nathalie Jung, Goethe-University Frankfurt, DEU
Non-invasive characterization of organoid cultures in hydrogel matrices
11:00     coffee break with videos
contributed talks (10 min talk, 5 min discussion)
11:30     N.N.
11:45     Ali Doryab, Helmholtz Center Munich, DEU
A Biomimetic Mini-Lung Model for Preclinical Drug Screening
12:00     N.N.
12:15     Arumina Sengupta, University of Bern, CHE
A bioinspired breathing human alveoli-on-chip model to mimic inhalation
invited speakers (15 min talk, 5 min discussion)
Relevant reclinical models for a predictive evaluation of nanomedicines
Polysulfates for Targeting of Tumor Cells and Viruses

Exploring Light to Facilitate Transport in the Eye

13:30     Recognition of best contributed talks
14:00     Adjourn