Logistics and Contact

Organisation and conference office
Karin Gross
Tel: 0049 (0)681 98806 1010
HIPS and Saarland University, Campus Building E8.1
D-66123 Saarbruecken

Conference site: Saarland University, Campus Building E 2.5
The conference site is barrier-free and accessible for people with a disability. In case you need detailed information and check for back-up assistance upfront, please inform the conference office at your earliest convenience.

Accomodation: Please check out the accomodation service of Saarbrücken: http://www.saarbruecken.de/
Travel Instructions to the Campus of Saarland University/ Saarbruecken/ Germany: Please check out this map for the various locations. You may use it in connection with google maps to find your way.

Travelling by plane:

1 – National flights from Berlin or Hamburg to Saarbrücken take between 1 hour 10 minutes and 1 hour 20 minutes. Saarbrücken/ SCN is situated about 12 km from the Saarbrücken campus. The bus from the airport to the university takes between 45 minutes and one hour and costs €2.50. A taxi will take you to the university in 15-20 minutes and costs around €20.

2 – International flights via Luxembourg/ LUX
a – Take a private airport shuttle from LUX airport to Saarbrücken City, drop off at the city center, costs approx. 170 EUR (round trip). Please note: We cannot recommended public transport from LUX to Saarbrücken.
b – You may get a connecting flight from LUX airport to Saarbrücken airport/ SCN, depends on what time you will be arriving in LUX.

3 – International flights via Frankfurt/ FRA:
a – Take a private airport shuttle from FRA airport to Saarbrücken, drop off at the hotel, costs approx. 200 EUR (round trip).
b – Take the train from FRA airport to Saarbruecken City; there is  a direct connection leaving every two hours, taking approx. 3 hours, costs approx. 40 EUR.

Travelling by train: High-speed ICE/TGV services are available from Frankfurt/Mannheim and Paris to Saarbrücken central station. Regional services run from Mainz, Trier and Strasbourg.

Bus Service to/from the Campus: To get from Saarbrücken central station to the university campus, take either bus number 102 (to ‘Dudweiler-Dudoplatz’) or bus numbers 112 or 124 (to ‘Universität’). These services run every 30 minutes. Get off on the campus at University Mensa or University Bus Terminal. From the bus stations, it is a 5 min walk to the conference site.

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