Tuesday-28 August

 Poster walks and coffee for early birds start 8 a.m. 
Conference start 9 a.m.

Drug Delivery: nanomedicine; gene delivery; functional polymers; intelligent systems; innovative carriers and materials; how to move/ delivery without diffusion and convection; immunotherapy, immonological barriers and vaccine delivery


André Nel/ UCLA: Use of nanocarriers for chemotherapy delivery and immunotherapy in pancreatic cancer

M. Banciu, Babes-Bolyai University: Long-circulating liposomal simvastatin inhibits tumor growth via targeting cancer microenvironment-mediated processes

J. Grzelak, ICMAB-CSIC: Mesoporous silica nanorods as theranostic platforms

A. Paolini, Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital-IRCCS: PAMAM dendrimer-functionalized polylactic acid scaffolds as microRNA delivery vehicles in biomedical applications

V. M. Kadiri, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems: M13 Bacteriophage Constructs for Bioinspired Penetration of the Gastric Mucus Layer

Patrick Stayton/ University of Washington: Engineering Intracellular Drug Therapies

S. Rossi, Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin: Dendritic polyglycerol sulfates as potential Shh-pathway inhibitors

T. Fischer, Saarland Univeristy: Specific targeting of human macrophages using aspherical microparticles as gene delivery system

E. Holler, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center: Biodegradable polymalic acid conjugated to Angiopep-2 and tri-leucine traverses the blood-brain-barrier and distributes

Peer Fischer/ MPG: Directed Transport with Nanopropellers


Christoph Rademacher, Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces: Small molecule-mediated delivery to human Langerhans cells

J. Rejman, CureVac AG: Overcoming extra- and intracellular barriers: polymer-based mRNA delivery systems

AKM Ashiqul Hague, University of Tuebingen: Chemically modified hCFTR mRNAs-Chitosan-coated PLGA recuperate lung function in a mouse model of cystic fibrosis

I. S. Blagbrough, University of Bath: Innovative materials from electrospun polymeric fibres for the controlled delivery of antibiotics for wound healing of skin infections

P. O. Nnamani, University of Nigeria: Gentamicin drug films for topical use

C.P. Agbo, University of Nigeria: Development of lipid-based microsuspensions fro ophthalmic delivery of Gentamicin

M. Leone, Leiden University: Hyaluronon-based dissolving microneedles with high antigen content for intradermal vaccination: formulation, physicochemical characterization and immunogenicity in mice

S. Kerski, University of Wuppertal: Overcoming the Skin Barrier for Transdermal Delivery of Macromolecules Utilizing Physically Induced Microchannels


Jesús Pérez-Gil/ University of Madrid: Surfing the respiratory surface for smart drug delivery

Thomas Crouzier/ KTH Royal Institute of Technology: Modulating the barrier properties of mucus

N. Heuzé-Vourc’h, INSERM: Protective administration of a therapeutic antibody through the airway route in a murine model of acute lung infection

F. Tewes, INSERM: Animal model of chronic lung infection: Are agar and alginate beads interchargeable?

A. Hidalgo, Complutense University: Pulmonary surfactant and drug delivery: vehiculisation of an anti-inflammatory drug in vivo


Eva Roblegg/ University of Graz: Drug Delivery Strategies for Treatment of Oral Diseases
* Guest Speaker of the Galenus Privatstiftung *

P. Gershkovich, University of Nottingham: Intestinal lymphatic system: Important compartment of drug delivery

David Brayden/ University College Dublin: Progress using nanoparticulates and permeation enhancers to deliver oral peptides

End of Conference: 7 p.m.

All attendees of the conference are cordially invited to participate in the conference BBQ which will take place in the area of the conference site.


A poster exhibition with the contributions of the participants will be present during the whole conference.